Sodium Hydroxide Lye 20 Lbs of Fcc/99% Pure Food Grade Micro Beads comes in 4-5LB containers

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360.00 Ounces
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1.This product is considered a hazardous material and can only be shipped via ground shipping to the lower 48 United States.  Regardless of the shipping option you choose, lye will ONLY be shipped via ground.  


2.We package lye in certified, approved packaging, abiding by all laws set forth by the Department of Transportation.  Therefore, Mollys supplies lye shipments are classified as ORM-D consumer commodities.  All Mollys supplies staff members have undergone an extensive safety program on how to handle, package, and utilize lye.  We abide by all OSHA safety requirements.  In the event that you have employees working for you, we suggest that you develop an OSHA approved safety program for all products your employees will be handling. 


3.POISON:  KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS.  Ingestion of lye can cause death.


4.DANGER:  Avoid getting lye in contact with your skin, eyes, or any other body part.  Be sure to wear protective clothing, gloves, a mask, and protective eye wear when working with lye. Inhalation of lye/water solution can be harmful to your lungs.  


5.When working with lye, NEVER ADD WATER TO LYE!  It can create a dangerous lye volcano.  Lye should be slowly added to water, and allowed to dissolve.  


6.Before working with lye, review the MSDS sheet provided on our site.  This MSDS sheet will provide specifics on usage, first aid measures, storage, and disposal. 







When purchasing Sodium Hydroxide (caustic soda, NaOH, Lye) or Potassium Hydroxide (caustic potash, KOH, Lye) from Mollys supplies online, you are automatically accepting the following agreement.  If you purchase Lye from Mollys supplies in our store, you will be required to sign this Hazmat Waiver before you can purchase.  

You will be using this product (lye) for making soap only.

You will not be reselling this product (lye).

You completely understand that this material (lye) is considered hazardous.  You understand that this product (lye) can cause harm to your body. 

You understand that this product (lye) is poisonous and can cause death if ingested.  

You understand that lye will cause damage to your skin, eyes, or any other body part that it comes in contact with. 

You understand that this product must be kept out of reach of children and pets. 

You confirm that you are an adult, age 18 or above. 

You have reviewed the MSDS Sheet pertaining to safe handling, usage, and disposal of this product.

You understand that water should never be added to lye or you will experience a "lye volcano".  Lye is slowly added to water in small amounts when preparing your lye solution for soap making.

You assume responsibility for using, storing, and disposing of this product properly, and do not hold Mollys supplies liable for any harm or damage caused to you or anyone else who comes into contact with this product.

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    Posted by Bearfoot Gypsy Soap Co on Apr 2nd 2019

    I've been buying from Molly's Products for over a year now and they never disappoint. I only buy my lye here. Excellent quality and fast shipping. I highly recommend.

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    sodium hydroxide 20 lbs

    Posted by Joyce L. Brown on Mar 23rd 2019

    We make and sell goat milk soap. Missouri has a huge drug problem, and lye is an ingredient in something they make. Consequently, it's really hard to buy lye locally - paperwork and hassle for tiny amounts. I have used your single bottle product, and am grateful for the low shipping cost on the 20 pound version. THANK YOU!

  • 5

    Posted by Annie Marie on Mar 16th 2019

    This is the BEST of the BEST lye .. !!!

  • 5
    Great for soap making

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 28th 2018

    I have used this product for a couple of years with no issues. Shipping is quick.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Nina Cason on Mar 9th 2018

    I use this product for making soap and it works great. I enjoy the shape of the jug it comes in, it's so easy to pour.